The 8th Annual Conference

Big Data Finance 2020


Thursday, JUNE 4, 2020

AI - Blockchain - Connectivity - Data - Executive Perspective

Konstantinos Aloupis

Head Data Scientist at European Dynamics

Konstantinos Aloupis

Konstantinos Aloupis is the Head Data Scientist in European Dynamics, a Greek multinational software company. His area of expertise is in Anomaly Detection and Time Series Analysis. Currently he designs and develops systems for Fraud Detection in Customs transactions using Deep Learning, for several European countries such as Ireland and Denmark. He holds two Master’s Degrees in Data Science and Mathematics, added to his background in Economics and Finance. Outside the office he enjoys to read philosophy under the Greek sun, whose light assists him to illuminate all the interdisciplinary cognitive junctions he loves to discover. Konstantinos is married to Eirini, from where he draws the inspiration and thrust needed to move towards the satisficing direction in life. Their two dogs Duke and Rita, always pinpoint the connection between fun and food, something he also finds in cooking for friends.