The 8th Annual Conference

Big Data Finance 2020


Thursday, JUNE 4, 2020

AI - Blockchain - Connectivity - Data - Executive Perspective

David Gertler

Consultant, CEO at DG-Fintech, LLC.,

David Gertler

David Gertler has a BS ’67 and MS ’68 in Operations Research / Information Engineering from Cornell University, and an MBA from the NYU Stern School. He started his FinTech career at Salomon Brothers and became the Senior Operating Officer for Information Technology. He also led the firm’s program to recruit and train new hires to meet the rapidly growing demand for quant and technology skills. David led Salomon’s initiative to create a data and analytic consortium, the Electronic Joint Venture (EJV). This start-up was jointly owned by Salomon Brothers and five other investment banks. During his career, he had leadership roles in other market data initiatives, including SuperDerivatives (SD), which is a leader in evaluating complex derivatives instruments. SD was recently acquired by the Intercontinental Exchange. David is now advising several start-ups, including a company that provides low latency network services to high-frequency trading firms. Recently, he launched, a volunteer service to connect alumni with ORIE students.