The 8th Annual Conference

Big Data Finance 2020


Thursday, JUNE 4, 2020

AI - Blockchain - Connectivity - Data - Executive Perspective

Cetin Karakus

Global Head of Analytics & Quantitative Solutions at BP Trading & Shipping Technology

Cetin Karakus

Cetin Karakus has over two decades of experience in designing and leading the development of large scale, data intensive business systems. Currently, he has been leading several technology teams to build a comprehensive, cutting-edge big data analytics platform for global energy markets. He has extensive experience in design and development of complex derivatives pricing and risk management systems gained through his work in leading global investment banks and commodity trading houses. Cetin has a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and has a wide range of intellectual interests that keep him occupied if he is not busy with creative and very demanding aspects of designing complex software systems. He enjoys writing technical articles to share his insights on the interesting technical problems he has come across.