The 8th Annual Conference

Big Data Finance 2020


Thursday, JUNE 4, 2020

AI - Blockchain - Connectivity - Data - Executive Perspective

Alon Horesh

Co-founder at AlphaOverBeta

Alon Horesh

Alon Horesh is the CoFounder of AlphaOverBeta, a company that specializes in automated trading solutions, focusing on providing artificial intelligence based solutions to fund managers and brokers all across the globe. Alon is an active trader in the US equity markets since 2005 and as a software systems architect has been involved in the development of leading automated solutions for the past 20 years on diverse projects. Alon possesses a deep knowledge of integrating both AI technology and trading into one holistic vision, bringing those two worlds together to benefit both sides. Alon is a speaker on topics such as stock market analysis, risk management, and algo-trading strategies. He has also mentored many students teaching these topics in the largest trading academy in Israel - Psagot Colledge.